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May B Therapy

Donna May Brown-Humanistic Therapist 
BA (Hons) 

 May B Therapy

Welcome to May B Therapy- an opportunity for you to express yourself regardless of age, background or personal circumstance! Not bound by distance; sessions can be done online or face to face in and around the Guildford area- making therapy accessible to all and to all locations. Your free 30 minutes taster session allows you to try therapy, May B for the first time.

As a fully qualified  Therapist, my journey started  over 10 years ago. Currently I work as a full-time Humanistic Therapist at The Priory Hospital, facilitating 1:1 therapy and group therapy for in-patients, out-patients and day-patients. My extensive experience spans across working with anxiety, depression, bereavement, obsessive/intrusive thoughts, disordered eating and other presentations with or without a formal diagnosis.


Therapy is a healthy way for us to digest our daily lives and not just at the point when you feel you need it most. May B Therapy can be apart of your self care routine - just like going to the gym. May B you need to process exerperiences relating to supporting a loved one through their mental health journey or to address relationship, self esteem or self confidence issues.

Whether you have never had therapy before, not sure if therapy would be for people like you or you're unable to get away from home for any given reason; May B Therapy was created with you in mind.


 ... May B Therapy is just what you've been looking for?! So, have a look around and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Donna May Brown

May B Therapy

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Online Therapy

May B you have limited time or unable to travel for sessions; online video calls gives you the opportunity to have sessions at your convenience and even from the comfort of you own home, office or whilst you are abroad. Evening and weekend slots are also available. £50 per 50 minute session.

Student Zone

May B you're undergoing counselling training; ask about the student package. This service offers sessions not just in alignment with your academic needs but focuses on you holistically, as you prepare for your career as a Therapist. 

Face to Face Sessions

May B you prefer having a face to face session. This allows you to be in a physical environment which is calming, safe and relaxing. Therapy doesn't have to mean one thing, May B Therapy can be in a setting which is local to you if you around the Guildford area. £60 per 50 minute session.


May B Thoughts

May B Therapy can be apart of your self care routine ... like going to the gym.”

May B Therapy



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